Monday, November 30, 2009

My first award!

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Hey Everyone!

Today I got my first blog award! It was from Cutie!

Thanks Cutie!!! I will now give this award to:

Cara @ Dolls of Sunshine and Glory Village
Hannah @ AG Doll Fanz
Audrey @ Auddie's Wonderful World
Joelle @ American Girl Forever
Allison @ Allison and Alli's AG website
Quinlyn @ Quinny&Co.

Copy this award and put it in your sidebar!

Now I have to say 10 things about myself

1. I DON'T like peanut butter
2. I LOVE Chocolate IceCream
3. I've held a tarantula (it was sooooooooo cute!!!)
4. I've been to Disney World Multiple times
5. I can't keep my room clean for a day
6. I take 5 dance Classes a week
7. I have very long nails
8. I have pierced ears
9. I like to cook\bake
10.I have to start school in 6 minutes

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Giveaway!!!

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Hey everyone!
I thought it would be fun if I did another Giveaway!!! This time it is for matching snowflake socks for you and your doll.

Here's what they look like on the doll

Here's a close up on the pattern

Here's how to enter

1. Get your parents permission
2. Comment saying your name or nickname
3. Say you want to enter
4. Say your favorite thing about snow
5. The Contest ends on December 10 at 12:00 CSTI'm sorry, but I only ship in the United States

Emily says good luck!!!

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! I am so excited!!! In 1 hour Macy's Thanksgiving day parade will start!!!!! And I can't wait for pumpkin pie

As you can see, my dolls like pumpkin pie to! LOL!

Of course we are SUPER excited for parades and pies, but lets go back to the first Thanksgiving. The pilgrims and the Indians came together and shared what they had and were thankful for it. That was the first Thanksgiving.

Here in 2009, this just a sample of what I'm thankful for:

1. My mom
2. My dad
3. My older brother
4. My younger brother
5. My best friend
6. My other best friend
7. My church
8. My bible
9. My Sunday school teacher
10. My other Sunday school teacher
11. My pastor
12. My other pastor
13. The computer
14. The television
15. Martha Graham
16. Isadora Duncan
17. George Balanchine
18. My Ballet teacher
19. My other ballet teacher
20. My tap teacher
21. My modern teacher
22. My dance studio owner
23. Cheese
24. Potatoes
25. Pizza
26. Tacos
27. Burritos
28. Lentils
29. Rice
30. Black beans
31. Kidney beans
32. White beans
33. refried beans
34. Potato chips
35. Corn chips
36. Doritos
37. Fritos
38. Cheetos
39. Rolls
40. Chocolate ice cream
41. Vanilla ice cream
42. Chewing gum
43. Bubble gum
44. Kit Kats
45. 3 musketeers
46. Milky Ways
47. Twix
48. M&Ms
49. Skittles
50. My stuffed Rabbit
51. My stuffed Beagle
52. My stuffed Panda
53. My stuffed Manatee
54. My aunt
55. My other aunt
56. My uncle
57. My other uncle
58. My Grandma
59. My other Grandma
60. My books
61. Ballet
62. Tap
63. Modern
64. Chat speak
65. Telephones
66. E-mail
67. IM
68. Cameras
69. Britt Nicole
70. Francesca Battistelli
71. Hawk Nelson
72. Jars of Clay
73. Tobymac
74. Barlow Girl
76. Cats
77. Dogs
78. Bunnies
79. Squirrels
80. Kareoke
81. Youtube
82. Kool-aid
83. Hershey
84. Key boards
85. WAY-FM
86. Movies
87. Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman
88. Design Squad
89. Blogger
90. Earings
91. tortillas
92. beds
93. blankets
94. pillows
95. knitting needles
96. crochet hooks
97. yarn
98. needles
99. thread
100. Fabric
101. Buttons
102. Zippers
103. hooks
104. snaps
105. sewing machines
106. Colors
107. Art
108. Clay
109. Pencils
110. Pens
111. Carrots
112. My MP3 Player
113. Music
114. Spaghetti
115. Corn on the cob
116. fleece
117. Orange Juice
118. Lemonade
119. Smoothies
120. Milk Shakes
121. My Blog
122. My other blog
123. My other other blog
124. Cake
125. Steak
126. Bacon
127. Ham
128. Turkey
129. Pointe shoes
130. Tap shoes
131. Ballet slippers
132. Pajamas
133. Cute clothes
135. toys
136. Milk
137. Microsoft word
138. Paint (program)
139. Gimp
140. Lawn mowers
141. Google
142. Club Penguin
143. Webkinz
144. Pandana
145. Mashed potatoes
146. Eye sight
147. Hearing
148. touch
149. taste
150. smell
151. candles
152. fire
153. oranges
154. fruit
155. vegetables
156. microwaves
157. ovens
158. scissors
159. tape
160. paper
161. lined paper
162. construction paper
163. pencils
164. air conditioning
165. heating
166. running water
167. shampoo
168. conditioner
169. lotion
170. camisoles
171. fleece
172. pajamas
173. houses
174. my neighborhood
175. smiley faces
176. stamps
177. hearts
178. flowers
179. brown sugar
180. sugar
181. books
182. happiness
183. Love
184. Jesus Christ
185. The pilgrims
186. The Indians
187. The Cross
188. American Girl
189. Betty Crocker
190. Watermelon
191. Sleepovers
192. Crafts
193. Coconut (AG puppy)
194. Conor
195. Kendal
196. Emily
197. Marisol
198. The American Girl Fan Message Board
199. This Blog
200. Wonderful readers like YOU!!!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

American Girl Show and Tell- Week 7

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Hey everyone!

It's time for SAT again! (No not, the test you take to get into college).

This a picture of the bitty twins I took. That was when I redecorated there room.

If you want to do SAT on your site than go to AmericanGirlFan for more information

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Emily's Braces!

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Hey everyone!

Like always, I've been up to more crafts! This time they were doll braces! This craft idea was given by Joelle (A.K.A. American Girl Forever ) Here's how to make them.

What you need
*Pens, markers, crayons, or colored pencils (I used gel pens)
*A toothpick

Here's how to make them

1. draw the braces on paper
2. cut them out

WOW! Isn't that easy?

to apply the braces, take the braces and use a toothpick to put them in your dolls mouth. They should stay in WITHOUT tape or glue

to remove the braces, take a toothpick and get it down between the doll and the paper and lift them out.

here's what they look like

...close up

...and farther away

Thursday, November 19, 2009


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Hey Everyone!

So here's the story. I was trying to install a 3 column template. Result: Looked horrible and deleted my background, widgets, and everything except my posts. I know my blog looks different. I still have work to do on it.

Sorry for this inconvenience

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

American Girl Show and Tell Wednesday-Week 6

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Welcome to American Girl Show and Tell Wednesday!!!
Started by Liz (A.K.A. AmericanGirlFan)

This is a cute picture I took of Emily. I thought it would look like a cute ballerina. It didn't come out EXACTLY how I hoped, because the lighting is weird, the camera is at a weird angle, and not to mention you can see a corner of the car.
But I still thinks it's cute!
If you want to do show and tell on your blog, then be sure to link back to AmericanGirlFan

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A New Dress!!!

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Hey everyone!

I though you all might be interested in seeing one of my most recent projects.

This is a Christmas dress I made for Marisol. I made it out of leftover fabric from my SuperGirl Halloween costume. I used the Kirsten's Birthday dress pattern from AGPlaythings' sewing patterns. Since I had a ton of leftover fabric I'm going to make a matching one for Emily!
BTW, that is a french braid headband I did which took an hour to do!
I have made many more new craft projects so keep your eyes open for more new crafts!!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUINLYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As most of you know today is Quinlyn (A.K.A. Quinnyandco.) birthday today!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUINLYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please enjoy this special production in honor of your birthday

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Show and Tell Wednesday- Week 5

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Welcome back to show and tell Wednesday, started by AmericanGirlFan!

Here we go

I took this picture for fun while I was TRYING to make a doll stop motion. I don't think I will finish it though.

I guess Marisol and Emily are making up a handshake
If you want to do show and tell on your blog go to

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marisol's Fall Photo Shoot Video

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Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't been posting consistently! I'm just very busy with dance and all.

I was however, able to do a photo shoot of Marisol on a nice, sunny, fall day.

So what did you think? I know the music doesn't fit great, but I didn't have a lot of options.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Show and Tell Wednesday- Week 4

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to show and tell wednesday.

In case your clueless about what show and tell and Wednesday is, it's a program that Liz (A.K.A. AmericanGirlFan) started for girls to share photos!

Here is a picture I took about a week ago for Marisol's fall photo shoot. I love this photo because I like the way it shows Marisol's smallness, and the tree's bigness (are those even words?)
If you want to do show and tell on your blog than just link back to AmericanGirlFan!

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