Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wow it's been a long time...

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Wow, it's been a long time! I don't have much to tell y'all. Dance is going well, but I'm really busy. 7th grade is much harder than 6th. I'm currently at my dance studio 11 hours and 30 minutes a week. PLUS I have show coming up, which includes a 7 hour dress rehearsal..... Yeah, life is pretty crazy.

I still love dolls, but I haven't made a lot for them lately. My friend recently gave me two new dolls, a very old MAG (which makes it an AGT) and a Bitty Baby.

The one on the left is Sophia Laine, and the one on the right is Louisa Jane

Also, for Christmas, my Aunt gave me a $100 gift card to American Girl, which I will use to buy #39

Unfortunately, she's currently backordered, but I WILL get her! I want to name her Cynthia Rose

I have learned a couple new techniques in knitting. I can knit on Double Points, I can cable, and as soon I finish my current project (mittens!), I'll be making socks. I have mostly switched to charity knitting, which is when you donate the projects to different Charities. I have mostly made baby hats and scarves, but I'm gonna donate the mittens I'm making as well!

I guess the last thing (and the main thing) that I want to tell y'all, is that I made a Felicity and Elizabeth tribute. Please no mean comments, I've already gotten mean comments saying I picked bad music (it wasn't that she didn't think the music was appropriate, she thought it was to dramatic), and that it's overly religious. Quite frankly, I just thought it sounded good for a doll archiving, and as you know, I am a Christian, and my dad works for a Christian music company, so naturally, all the music I listen to says something that is SOMEWHAT religious. Anyway, The music is perfectly clean, no bad words or concepts, like I said, it's by a Christian artist, so yeah. ENJOY!
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